Qr/Barcode Scanner as well as Generator

When I saw Qr/Barcode Scanner & Generator on the Play Store last week, I knew that it was unique that I had to try out, mostly because of the excellent features and how it bills itself as a fantastic, how can I resist? The app developer of this app certainly did a persuasive job with features, that’s for sure. And because of the superlative app features, everything is wholly packed with many important aspects for global users.


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Key Features of Qr/Barcode Scanner & Generator

  • You can Generates barcodes.
  • You Can Generate Qr Codes.
  • Scan Codes & Copy and Share.
  • Scan Images to Get Text.

Though I’ve gone through most of the apps on the Play Store by now, I can’t help but keep my eyes peeled for new ones that hit the market. And Qr/Barcode Scanner & Generator app developed by gonfreecs is definitely one of my new favourites. Also if you’re searching for complete all-around performance with wide number of great features, take a look at Qr/Barcode Scanner & Generator app developed by gonfreecs.

If users followed news about this app namely Qr/Barcode Scanner & Generator for the past several weeks, then you will know that how familiar with key features that benefit users. I knew that it was something I must try out. And without a doubt in my mind, Qr/Barcode Scanner & Generator is splendid app which satisfies users need and won’t disappoint. Moreover this app is wholly appreciated from all corners of users.


This Qr/Barcode Scanner & Generator app developed by gonfreecs offers a nice variety to the users that they actually find in Play stores. After spending good time with it, I can say that it’s certainly a clever app to unwind with. It’s perfect, and I strongly recommend this app for all users.

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